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Health Guarantee

Love Your Puppy as Much as It Loves You

Whether you realize it or not, you are your puppy’s best friend. It looks to you for comfort, love, interaction, food, playtime, and returns unconditional love. Your puppy will know when you are down and do it’s best to comfort you. It is very smart and will pick up on your moods and feelings. Just as we humans have bad days so do puppies/dogs. We ask that you promise, no matter the circumstances, to always love and protect your puppy and provide it with a healthy environment and welcoming home. Remember, a puppy lick is worth a thousand words! We recommend that you do not take your puppy for walks or potty breaks in public places until they are 16 weeks old and have had their full set of booster shots. This will decrease your puppy’s chances of exposure and increase their ability to fight it off if exposed. It is also best to keep your puppy away from neighborhood dogs, friend’s dogs, etc, until their full set of vaccinations have been administered or unless you know for sure that your friend’s/ family member’s dog is fully vaccinated.


The contract can be found here.

Breeding Rights

All puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement.  We want to ensure that every one of our puppies go to homes where they are loved as family members.


The puppy/dog must always be fed a healthy, nutritious diet. Being overweight can place undue stress on the hip joints and cause hip dysplasia. If it is found that overfeeding is the result of hip dysplasia, the guarantee is void due to the purchaser’s violation of this policy. We feed our puppies Hill's Science Diet. 

Exercising Your Puppy

Regular exercise will be very beneficial to your dog/puppy. Our dogs love to play in the yard, or go on walks with us! However, especially while their bones are growing and developing, we ask that you do not allow them to participate in an activity that will put excessive stress on the hips and elbows, and could affect the development of healthy joints. such activities include long distances of jogging, jumping down from an elevated area, slippery surfaces,etc.

Never Place Puppy/Dog in Rescue Organization or Shelter

Puppies purchased from us are never to be placed in a shelter or rescue organization. You must contact us in the event that you need to rehome [find a new home for] your puppy/dog. We may be able to take the puppy back here in our home. No money will be refunded in the event that you need to rehome your puppy/dog. If we are unable to take the puppy/dog back we will place an ad and up to date picture on our website and assist you in finding him/her a new home.

Rehoming-Required to Provide New Owner Info

You can resell/rehome your puppy/dog on your own but we do require that you interview the prospective owner as to how they will care for the dog, etc, as well as provide us with their contact information. We enjoy keeping in contact with the families that purchase puppies from us and since they will be the new owners of one of our puppies we want to let them know that we are always here to answer any questions about their puppy/ dog and offer lifetime support of them and their new best friend.

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